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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Winter Lilacs

The winter light throws strong contrasts on to nature, when the sun comes out after rain. I've tried to capture the mood of early winter, when the grasses are still dried out from summer, and not yet green from the rain. Oil on canvas 18" x 30".


  1. Alice, nature in your painting looks to me as a Finn like early spring after snow and before summer. In summer nature here usually is richly green. The time of lilacs here is spring or early summer. Your painting is beautiful.

  2. Hello Alice,
    a more beautiful landscape with its distinctive color.
    I love the delicate touches of his brush!
    A hug

  3. To Paula and Antonio ..... thankyou very much for your kind comments. :)

    Very shortly, I shall be finishing the blog. There have been some changes in circumstances - which happen from time to time and one has to go with the flow..... best wishes from Alice.