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Friday, January 14, 2011

Cottage Garden Arrangement

If this painting were to be done over, the symetrical pears would be placed in a different way. Perhaps the pear on the left, could be horizontal, peeping out from behind the vase. It's relationship with the pink foxglove is too dominating - I see now in hindsight.
Oil on canvas 8" x 10"


  1. sei brava Alice...non ne sbagli uno!
    Non c'è nulla da dire, se non confermarti la mia ammirazione per le tue opere.
    Mi piace la limpidezza, l' armonia, la serenità che infondono.
    ciaoooo Carla

  2. Thankyou Carla - I must have thought it was "good enough" at the time.... :)

  3. I like it,is very delicato,ciao Alice

  4. But still lovely! You have such a fresh, lilting, recognizable style. Absolutely wonderful!!

  5. I love this and the others, too, especially your flower paintings, their colours and style.

  6. Alice, i really admire these oil painting of intense color!
    Very beautiful!

  7. You know how much I admire your flower studies Alice, and this is no exception. I love the shades of blue in the background and how light and fresh the flowers look even with this heavy medium.

  8. Thankyou to everyone who visited this post and left much appreciated, comments. :)