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Monday, February 14, 2011

Dinner with the Secretary

Frank (Frank's Watercolour Revival), has inspired me to show a collage experiment ..... part of a romance series of figurative paintings. It was fun making them, although only a couple were ever exhibited. A young patron purchased three pieces while visiting, as she wanted them to decorate her large 70's style house.
Oil and paper on board 8" x 9".


  1. Hello Alice,
    Your painting is art! Expontaneous and original.

  2. I like this! Do you think you will do more? It looks like it was fun to do and it is fun to look at.

  3. I like these so much Alice. The expressions on their faces are good. The collage on the table adds some fun to the painting, especially the wine bottle.

  4. Hi Antonio, Linda and Frank .... thankyou for the interesting comments. Yes, I am still interested in collage - the paper gives an added dimension to incorporate and so offers new challenges.
    So glad you like the champagne Frank, I've heard that this brand label is very good and also very expensive. :)