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Monday, March 14, 2011

Boutique Jewellery

The latest in a collection of brooches - or pins as they are also called, using floral cameos. Some are vintage - old unused stock, and others new, with an antique look. The settings are new, made from old stampings. They can be oxidised or treated to give an aged appearance.


  1. This piece really grabbed me. I wore a cameo on my wedding dress. The cameo had belonged to one of my grandmothers. It is now one of my "treasures." I love the heart and chain on yours. Very different!

  2. Hi Bella .... thankyou for visiting :) I love cameos also .... and one of the first pieces of jewelry bought at 17, was a beautiful cameo/portrait brooch, with tiny pearls set into a soft gold frame. All this 60's style seems to be having a revival. I find it quite fun to invent " over the top " jewelry. Brooches seem to lend themselves to it.