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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spring Poppies and Lemons

Poppies of all varieties are so inspiring. Their lightness and delicacy, coupled with intense colour are absolutely joy giving.
A favourite colour for the backgrounds of spring arrangements - " spring green " with yellow in it - then to tone down the brightness,..... a touch of pink. Oil on canvas over board 6" x 8".


  1. Hello, Alice! I find your painting very joygiving, again!

    I mentioned your Seabreeze Gallery (and also the Groovy Textiles) in my blog Arkiporinaa (“Everyday Talk”) March 18th and gave you an award “The Gorgeous Blogger”. It is free for you to copy, in whichever color you like, if you like. When receiving the award you can also - in your blog - answer some questions, and send the award and the questions forward to somebody else or elses. But this is not by any means obligatory. You are totally free to copy the award or not to, free to answer the guestions or not to answer, free to send forward or not to send.

    1. When did you start your blog?
    2. What are your issues and themes in your blog?
    3. What makes your blog special?
    4. What made you to start your blog?
    5. What woud you like to change in your blog?

    Yours with friendly smiles!

  2. very nice Alice. Kind of a Cezzane look but more refined. I like it.
    Thanks too for the kind comment on my art blog.

  3. Hi Paula, Graziano, Carla and Gary ..... Thankyou, for the much appreciated comments. :)